Business Opportunity among Older Population

I just read this article in the New York Times, which describes the design of products that are friendly for older adults, but also appealing to younger consumers.  The article mentions that products such as exaggerated large button phones aren’t appealing to many older adults or younger people.

It’s nice to see that business needs are driving product developers to design products that are friendly to this population.  Especially interesting is a body suit, used by marketers and product designers, that helps simulate some of the physical problems experienced by older adults.

I wonder what the implications of these issues are for designing workplaces that are friendly for older adults.  In terms of this article, ergonomic office design comes to mind as a perk that appeals to older workers, younger workers, and long-term business interests.  Many of the other things that many older workers want are also wanted by many younger workers (e.g., flexibility, reduced hours, respect).

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