Online Contract Training in Community Colleges

Community colleges in the United States have become major providers of human resource development services, particularly through offering workforce development training to local employers.  The addition of workforce development services to community colleges is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Some see workforce development efforts as diluting community colleges’ historic mission of providing affordable and accessible opportunities for students to transfer to four-year institutions.  The addition of online training has created additional stressors, due to increases in costs, opportunities for outsourcing, and increased opportunity for serving those outside of the local community.

Dr. Rajashi Ghosh (Drexel University) and I wrote an article that uses organization theory to address the competing emphases in the community college mission.  We attempt to understand how various types of institutions overcome internal and external barriers in introducing online workforce development through organizational change initiatives.

The article was recently published in Human Resource Development Review. The pre-edited version is available by clicking here.

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