What the Research Says on LGBT Workplace Issues

Issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in workplaces are common diversity topics today.  It is widely accepted in many workplaces that LGBT employees should be made to feel as welcome and included as anyone else.  Workplace inclusion, employee affinity groups, and LGBT-specific diversity initiatives are commonly addressed by U.S.-based HR and diversity practitioners.

With a group of colleagues, we reviewed the existing research literature on LGBT issues in HRD and adult education in order to determine what research exists and what future research is necessary to assist the field in making evidence-based decisions.

Key findings include:

  • There is a small core of research related to these issues.  Existing work is mainly conceptual, and there is a lack of quantitative work.
  • Topics of focus are related to organizational change and diversity efforts, with very little research on HR policy, career development, and workplace education.
  • HR professionals have primarily served in a reactive role on LGBT issues, rather than leading on these issues.

The recent article published by Steven Schmidt, Tonette Rocco, Martin Kormanik, and myself is in Human Resource Development ReviewThe pre-edited version of the paper is available on my website by clicking here.

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