Coworking…Telecommuting 2.0?

As telecommuting has become a fixture in many workplaces, some have started to look for alternatives.  There’s a yearning for somewhat regular face-to-face interaction and a need for spaces that foster creativity and idea sharing. Traditionally, such sharing has been spawned through chance encounters at the “water cooler,” talking in the hall, or talking in the breakroom. 

Fast Company profiles several firms that either rent or provide their employees with “coworking” spaces.  These are places where various companies set up shop in a shared space or are places where professionals and companies rent desk space in cool and funky buildings.  The idea is that even if coworkers don’t work for the same company, they can benefit from being around others.

The article provides examples of interactions that spawn knowledge sharing and innovations.  What an interesting concept for firms to consider!  This seems like a great enhancement of traditional teleworking and very smart use of office space.

Read the full article here.

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