Organizational Change in Franchises through Advisory Boards

large board tableHow do franchise organizations build momentum around change and an atmosphere of trust? Franchising brings a unique set of challenges in achieving organizational change.  The main challenge is that franchise organizations actually consist of various firms (called franchisors and franchisees).  One solution is fostering a healthy relationship with franchisees through franchise advisory boards.  At their best, franchise associations and advisory boards help ensure that franchisee voices are heard and that collaborative relationships exist between the franchisor and franchisees.

With my colleague Dr. Denise Cumberland, we published an article presenting a framework for these boards.  Basically, the model considers the competing emphases affecting the franchisor–franchisee relationship.  The model helps in considering how relationships between boards and franchisors can be optimized.  Although the article was written for a human resources and organization development (HROD) publication, the model applies to others working with franchise boards as well. 

A pre-copyedited version of the paper is available by clicking here.  The copyedited version is available in Human Resource Development Review.  The model that emerged from the research is included below.

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash


Relationship grid offers a framework for franchise advisory boards by presenting governance processes and board member relationships.