Innovation & Creativity Processes

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Real innovation doesn’t happen by edict or by hoping it into existence. We use a set of results-oriented processes to help teams and organizations empathize deeply with customers to create solutions based on the underlying needs of your customers. Organizations can seek innovation when facing a fundamental threat to their existence or when they want to become more responsive to customers, clients, or end users. Sometimes these projects are short-term due to a particular need and other times they involve a longer-term goal. With larger-scale engagements, participants experience a long-term shift in… Read More

Strategy & Strategic Planning

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Successful organizational strategies ensure that the why, how, and what each align. Since 2010, we have helped organizations identify their strategy and develop maps for realizing it. We are experienced facilitators in several results-oriented methods, which vary depending on the organizational context. Strategic planning, when done poorly, wastes time and resources. However, organizations must have a clear strategy to achieve their goals. Results-oriented strategic planning doesn’t need to take months and it can provide a flexible system for understanding the organizational context, providing a vision for the future, proactively addressing potential pitfalls,… Read More

Group Facilitation & Action Planning

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If your team or organization faces disorganized processes, unclear priorities, controversies, or a lack of new thinking, we can provide structured processes to work through those challenges. Our methods offer results more efficiently, with greater buy-in and fewer meetings. Unfortunately, simply “getting everyone together” isn’t enough. Skilled facilitation involves a combination of unique skill and highly structured processes to get results.  We have extensive experience in facilitating both in-person and online meetings. We can help your team, department, or organization with: Goal Setting and Action Planning Results-Oriented Consensus-Building for Teams and Organizations Community-based… Read More

Program & Initiative Development

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When you have the opportunity to start or redevelop an initiative or program, focusing on customer or stakeholder needs helps ensure transformational results. We have particular expertise in using human-centered approaches to assist groups in developing and redeveloping initiatives and programs. Examples of our past work include facilitating groups in redeveloping of existing degree programs, launching a corporate diversity initiative, reimagining a training program, and launching new degree programs. We can help you develop responsive and innovative programs through: Environmental Scanning Participatory Needs Assessment Program Visioning Human-centered Design Model Prototyping Budget Model… Read More