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Innovation & Creativity Processes​

Lead your organization in breaking out of past norms and patterns. We use proven tools and processes to help teams develop novel customer-centered solutions to challenges. Learn more...

Strategy & Strategic Planning

Align the why, how, and what of your organization. We help with (1) strategy clarification and alignment and/or (2) strategy implementation support. Learn more...

Group Facilitation & Action Planning

Sometimes your group or organization needs an outsider to help folks move forward toward action. We facilitate small- to large-group processes to arrive at positive results and overcome lack of consensus, past communication problems, team conflict, or lack of clarity. Learn more...

Program & Initiative Development

When you have the opportunity to start or redevelop an initiative or program, focusing on customer or stakeholder needs helps ensure transformational results. Learn more...

When appropriate, we bring on colleagues and partners to collaborate on projects. We have worked with a range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profit organizations.  You can also learn about our recognition and testimonials from past clients.

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California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) #:  4-20-03-0816A