Dreaming of the Perfect Marriage: Learning and Organizational Strategy

Data suggest that leverage points exist to change employee perceptions. Few chief learning officers (CLOs) disagree they have a mandate to ensure that learning initiatives align with organizational strategy.  A great deal of research exists about how to align the two.  However, what does it look like for employees to connect their learning and development with an actual organization’s strategy? The term “line of sight” refers to how well an employee can see and understand the connection between their work and organizational strategy.  If employees can see a connection between their daily work and… Read More

Picking the Perfect Location for an Off-site Retreat or Meeting

I recently co-facilitated a strategic planning session at a beautiful location in the Sonoma Region of California.  When I arrived, the venue appeared to be perfect: serene grounds and attractive well-maintained facilities.  However, the venue had never been used for a business retreat or meeting.  It normally serves as a wedding venue.  When I walked into the large room for the meeting, I thought “this is perfect.”  The room had expansive windows with lots of natural light, high vaulted ceilings, and hardwood floors.  It looked like an ideal location for a retreat…. Read More

Strategy Development & Planning

woman speaking to group at a large summit

Successful organizational strategies ensure that the why, how, and what each align. Since 2010, we have helped organizations identify their strategy and develop maps for realizing it. We are trained and experienced in several results-oriented methods, which vary depending on the organizational context. Strategic planning, when done poorly, wastes time and resources. However, organizations must have a clear strategy to achieve their goals. Results-oriented strategic planning doesn’t need to take months and it can provide a flexible system for understanding the organizational context, providing a vision for the future, proactively addressing potential… Read More