I have taught or developed the following courses in my teaching career.

University of the Pacific

  • Applied Inquiry I (taught)
  • Applied Inquiry II (taught)
  • Trends, Issues, and Dynamics of Change (taught)
  • Leading in Diverse Contexts (taught and developed)
  • Organizational Learning (taught and developed)
  • Program and Organization Evaluation (taught and developed)

Drexel University

  • Research Design I (taught)
  • Research Design II (taught)
  • Leadership & Professional Development (taught)
  • Leading Effective Organizations (taught)
  • Program Evaluation in Organizations (taught)

University of Louisville

  • Diversity in the Workplace (co-developed)
  • Program & Organization Evaluation (taught/developed)
  • Program Exit Experience (taught)
  • Workplace & Information Ethics (taught/co-developed)
  • HROD Integrative Capstone (taught/co-developed)
  • Organizational Analysis (taught/co-developed)
  • Organizational Change & Consulting (taught/developed)
  • Advanced Theory in Human Resources and Organization Development (taught/developed)

University of Illinois

  • Principles of Human Resource Development (co-taught)
  • Instructional Design (co-taught)
  • Program and Organizational Evaluation (co-taught)